Imaginareum - an acvarium of peculliar creatures

"Never finishes anything he starts. Except for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "

"All his explanations requires further explanation. "

Welcome to the enchanting world of LAFS, a whimsical community nestled deep within the serene forests. Here, a charming group of naive yet endearing animals roams freely, seeking warm-hearted human companions to share in their adventures. 

These furry inhabitants, known for their unwavering friendliness and innocence, are on the lookout for kind souls willing to join them in exploring the wonders of their magical realm. Together, they invite you to embark on a journey filled with laughter, camaraderie, and heartwarming moments in the embrace of nature’s tranquility.

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Save the Dogs - Karma Project​

'Save The Dogs' provides critical life support to thousands of animals left in Ukraine. Right now 100,000’s of animals are in desperate need of help in Ukraine. Abandoned, injured, and left on their own to survive. Save The Dogs organization is one of the only organizations on the front lines of this issue. But their resources are running out thus they are DESPERATE FOR OUR SUPPORT to continue their work. So many organizations helping humans in Ukraine, almost none helping the animal crisis. Every month Save The Dogs  sends feed to over 20 shelters in the Odessa area and 400 volunteers risking their lives to feed strays left without protection and food.