Mana is a concept-driven creative studio, crafting beautiful designs for clients worldwide. We are an experienced team of thinkers and makers.

At Mana, we’re not just designers; we’re visual storytellers, a bunch of diverse people – artists, thinkers and makers – who like to express themselves, experiment freely and be bold; we try to be authentic, to challange conformity and and stand out from the crowd, while being involved in the comunity life.

Let us bring your ideas to life through the magic of design. Get in touch with us today, and let’s turn your concepts into compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression. Let’s make something amazing!

→  Selected work

Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland Transport is responsible for all the region’s transport services, from roads and footpaths, to cycling, parking and public transport. During his 8 years with AT, Calin produced a wide range of designs.

Graphic Design. With a focus on creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to client satisfaction, we’re here to bring your brand’s story to life through the power of graphic design. Let’s create together!
Website design. We are all about crafting awesome websites. Let’s bring your online vision to life!
Logo and branding. We live and breathe logos and branding. Let’s craft your brand’s visual journey together!

Maorika One font. We dipped our hand into typography world a bit, to craft this one in the Middle Earth with a traditional New Zealand flavour.

→  Our services

Consulting. From logos to visual strategy, we’re here to provide top-notch consulting in graphic design. Let’s collaborate and take your visual identity to the next level!
Creative and Art direction. With a big passion for creative direction, we are here to guide your artistic vision, helping you bring your ideas to life. Let’s turn your concepts into stunning realities together!
Infographics. We are dedicated to making data beautiful. With our creative infographics, we simplify complex information and transform it into compelling visuals. Let’s illustrate your story together!
Hosting and SEO. We’re here to boost your online visibility, drive traffic, and help you climb the search rankings. Let’s optimize your digital success together!

"Mana makes the world go around."

– Maori saying